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At Lunar Pest Control, we recognize the importance of a pest-free yard, especially in winter. Introducing Flora Shield™: our innovative winter-specific treatment designed to maintain your yard's vibrancy and pest-free state during Arizona's colder months.

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Why Flora Shield™?

A key target of our Flora Shield™ service is the elimination of aphids, a common but troublesome pest in Arizona yards. Aphids pose a significant threat to the health of your landscaping. They feed on plant sap, weakening plants and potentially transmitting diseases. Moreover, aphids excrete honeydew, a sticky substance that not only damages plants but also attracts ants, leading to further pest issues.

By effectively controlling aphids, Flora Shield not only preserves the health and appearance of your plants but also plays a crucial role in managing the broader ecosystem of your yard. This proactive approach ensures that your outdoor spaces remain vibrant and enjoyable, free from the detrimental impact of these pervasive pests.

Winter is a critical time for pest control, especially for ant prevention. It's the season when pests, seeking shelter and food, are most likely to invade your yard and home. Flora Shield™ is designed to be effective even in colder months, ensuring that your yard remains a no-go zone for pests.

The benefits

Flora Shield™ Benefits


Eco-Friendly and Safe

Your family's safety is our top priority. Flora Shield™ uses eco-friendly and pet-safe products. Our treatments are carefully applied to ensure they are as kind to the environment as they are harsh on pests.


Long-Lasting Protection

Our Flora Shield™ service doesn't just provide a temporary fix. It offers lasting protection when coupled with our general pest control services. Our expertly trained technicians apply the treatment with precision, focusing on areas that are most vulnerable to pest invasions.


Customized for Your Property

Every yard is unique, and so is our Flora Shield™ service. We tailor our treatment to suit the specific needs of your yard, ensuring the best possible results. Whether you have gravel, shrubbery, or a landscaped yard, Flora Shield™ adapts to protect it all.


Ease of Service

Easily schedule Flora Shield™ by entering your address and choosing a convenient time to instantly book. Our service is customer-centric and non-disruptive, ensuring plant-safe treatments, allowing immediate enjoyment of your yard post-service.

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Have been using these guys for a while, super professional and knowledgeable. Always great at letting me know the treatments they are doing and keeping bugs out of my house!


Mesa, AZ


When I first moved to Queen Creek I had some serious issues with scorpions and roaches on my property. Ever since hiring Lunar I haven't seen any more and it's been over 6 months! I really like how my tech always takes the time to explain the whole process to me.

Jake M.

Queen Creek, AZ

Same Day Service Available

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