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Discovered a hefty black widow lurking in your closet or a swift wolf spider darting up your living room wall? Before considering extreme measures like burning down the house, why not give us a call?

Our skilled spider specialists at Lunar Pest are ready to schedule and conduct a complimentary evaluation of your property. This assessment will help determine if there's an underlying pest issue contributing to the spider presence that needs addressing for effective eradication.

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Same Day Service Available

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Safeguaring Arizona

Safeguard Against Venomous Spiders

With 27 spider species in Arizona, three of them notorious for their venomous bites and potential danger to humans, these arachnids thrive in various landscapes across the state. Arizona brown spiders and black widows, for example, are commonly found in desert areas.

The state's climate and environment provide ideal conditions for spiders to thrive year-round. Notably, the black widow holds the title of North America's most venomous spider, with females possessing a potent, aggressive bite and venom 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. Encounters with this formidable pest are certainly unwelcome, especially in dark alleys or closets.

Suspecting a spider infestation on your property? Waste no time and reach out to the professionals at Lunar Pest. We're here to help address and resolve the issue promptly.

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Inspect & Strategize

Our highly trained technicians conduct a thorough survey of your property, assessing every potential pest risk. You'll receive a detailed, personalized plan for pest infestation and prevention, ensuring solutions that fit your unique situation perfectly.


Perimeter Shielding

We proactively defend your home against pests with our advanced backpack sprayer, which covers more area with greater precision than standard truck sprayers. This method creates a protective barrier around your home, stopping pests before they can get inside.


Scorpion Guard Granules

Understanding the threat scorpions pose, especially in homes with children and pets, we use people- and pet-safe granules specifically designed to target and eliminate scorpions. These granules offer a safe, effective solution to keep these dangerous pests at bay.


Dust Defense and Web Removal

Utilizing advanced dusting technology with precision control, we ensure thorough coverage in every hard-to-reach area. It effectively targets pests and clears spider webs in every corner of your property. This method ensures that your outdoor areas are not only pest-free but also meticulously clean and safe.

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Targeted Pest Control Solutions That Are Out of This World

Catching pests before they become a problem is key. Many wait to call a pest control company until there’s already an issue, but we recommend setting up and keeping an annual pest management program to prevent small nuisances from becoming major infestations. With Lunar Pest’s residential services, you’ll have peace of mind that your home, family, and property are safeguarded from these irritating and potentially harmful intruders.

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Don’t just take our word for it


Have been using these guys for a while, super professional and knowledgeable. Always great at letting me know the treatments they are doing and keeping bugs out of my house!


Mesa, AZ


When I first moved to Queen Creek I had some serious issues with scorpions and roaches on my property. Ever since hiring Lunar I haven't seen any more and it's been over 6 months! I really like how my tech always takes the time to explain the whole process to me.

Jake M.

Queen Creek, AZ

Same Day Service Available

No Obligation Instant Quote

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