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Pest Control in Arizona

Our Approach

Integrated Pest Management for a Pest Free Home

Nothing is more unsettling than unwelcome guests in your home. At Lunar Pest, we recognize the paramount importance of a robust Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) for the peace of mind of your family. Our service seamlessly integrates cutting-edge pest control technology with our celestial approach to targeted pest management.

Lunar Pest has innovated a distinctive Lunar Lock Protocol for pest elimination, encompassing four meticulously planned phases of treatment. Our commitment extends beyond reclaiming control from pests; we consider our job incomplete until your satisfaction is achieved.

lunar lock protocol



Inspect & Strategize

Our highly trained technicians conduct a thorough survey of your property, assessing every potential pest risk. You'll receive a detailed, personalized plan for pest infestation and prevention, ensuring solutions that fit your unique situation perfectly.


Perimeter Shielding

We proactively defend your home against pests with our advanced backpack sprayer, which covers more area with greater precision than standard truck sprayers. This method creates a protective barrier around your home, stopping pests before they can get inside.


Scorpion Guard Granules

Understanding the threat scorpions pose, especially in homes with children and pets, we use people- and pet-safe granules specifically designed to target and eliminate scorpions. These granules offer a safe, effective solution to keep these dangerous pests at bay.


Dust Defense and Web Removal

Utilizing advanced dusting technology with precision control, we ensure thorough coverage in every hard-to-reach area. It effectively targets pests and clears spider webs in every corner of your property. This method ensures that your outdoor areas are not only pest-free but also meticulously clean and safe.

Lunar Lock Protocol
Lunar Pest Control


Unparalleled Pest Control Solutions that Defy Convention

Potent pest control necessitates proactive measures. While many homeowners reach out to pest control services only after identifying a problem, we advocate for the development and initiation of a pest management program immediately, to be annually maintained. Lunar Pest's residential pest control services provide assurance that you, your family, and your property are shielded against both pesky and potentially hazardous invaders.

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